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CAMBLE – A police report released more than two weeks after the fatal shooting provides new information about the case.

The shooting killed 19-year-old Amerina Green and wounded another woman.

Campbell police released the initial report of The Vindicator incident this week following a subsequent request for public records. Campbell officials declined to release an initial report of the incident in the days immediately following the killing.

According to the report, two black vehicles passed a house on Summer Avenue around 10:35 pm on May 21, and people in the vehicles “opened fire” on the home and several vehicles around the house.

The vehicles in which the shooters were traveling south.

Green was found unresponsive in the dining room of the home with a gunshot wound to the waist.

Police and a Campbell firefighter also found a second woman, Ternisha Sutton, 27, in the dining room with a gunshot wound to the head.

Another woman was holding a towel over Sutton’s head, but Sutton was conscious. She was taken to hospital and is expected to survive, said Lt. Kevin Sfera of Campbell Police Department.

A birthday party took place during the shooting at the Letty Avenue residence. People in the house heard several gunshots and “covered up,” according to a police report.

Sphere said no one was arrested in the shooting, but police have questioned the suspects.

Police are also awaiting the results of laboratory tests, Sfera said.

The Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau is assisting Campbell Police Department in investigating the crime scene.

The last murder in Campbell before Green’s murder was the shooting of Jerome Pruitt on October 25, 2021. 64-year-old John L. Ellis from Canfield Road in Youngstown was charged with two counts of murder with a weapon specification, a criminal attack with a weapon specification and falsification of evidence in the case. He remains in prison in Mahoneing County.

Campbell police said Ellis shot Pruitt once in the torso and once in the arm in the front yard of a house on Block 100 on Gordon Avenue around 6pm on October 25.

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