Garbage truck totals six cars after crashing into Bountiful parking lot

BONTIFEL, Utah – Christie Webster, manager of the family-run Ramblin Roads restaurant, looked out the window Friday and saw six cars, including her own, fully packed.

“It was a scene I’ve never seen, only in the movies,” she said. “We work hard for our vehicles every day and to see it disappear in just a minute was very bleak.”


Christy Webster

A garbage truck driver told Webster that his brakes had failed; the truck fled at I-15 speed off the West 400 North ramp and crashed into the parking lot, a total of six cars. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

“It was heartbreaking for me because I just paid for my car a month before it happened,” said Liane Bailey. “So it was a lot of hard work in the canal. My boyfriend is a chef in the kitchen, so we didn’t just lose one car, we lost two.

For years, all Ramblin Roads employees parked right next to the road. Although they have never seen such an incident in the history of the restaurant, employees do not

“We’re all moving around rental cars now, which we’re now parking on the back wall because we don’t want that to ever happen to us,” Webster said.


Christy Webster

The driver of an RS Disposal truck cannot provide Ramblin Roads or police officers with ongoing insurance.

“I’m the current owner of the CDL, so his choice to hit parked cars was, I give him a lot of credit instead of killing someone,” she said. “But as a CDL holder, you’ve never had to drive a dangerous vehicle on the road.”

Employees are still struggling to figure out how to get around without their cars.

“It’s a family restaurant,” Bailey said. “So we all just get together to keep everyone healthy.”

Ramblin Roads employees are not looking for donations, but hope community members will show support by coming to eat at the restaurant.

FOX 13 News asked RS Disposal for comment but received no response.