‘Conor McGregor’ Peacock Head-Butts Cars Because He Thinks They’re a Love Rival

When one thinks of the threats that different animals pose to cars, one thinks of things like attacking a bear, hitting a deer, or animals chewing on parts of vehicles. However, the peacock is not an animal that usually instills fear in the hearts of drivers. However, a peacock named “Connor McGregor” is torturing a village in the United Kingdom with head-on cars, among other jokes.

Peacock mistakenly believes that shiny cars are his love rival when he sees his reflection

Peacock standing on top of the car, emphasizing "Connor McGregor" a peacock that hits a car with its head

Peacock on a car Manoj Dhaka / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

For the past six years, a peacock has wreaked havoc in the seaside town of Seton, on the south coast of England, as reported Mirror. The male peacock is named “Pete”, but residents compare him to Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor because of his violent series “and the ways he hit his head.