Carquest Hosts ‘Cars and Coffee’ Event



Brilliant classics arrive in the parking lot of the Carquest auto parts store in Desert Springs, Arizona on Saturday morning for the first Cars and Coffee event in the store. The event is scheduled to take place on the fourth Saturday of each month. THE PHOTO With the kind assistance of the MESQUITE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

About 25 classic cars and their owners traveled to Desert Springs, Arizona, bright and early on Saturday morning, April 30, for a new monthly event. The newly opened Carquest auto parts store at 4370 E. Farm Road hosted its first Cars and Coffee, a gathering that is scheduled to take place on the fourth Friday of each month from now on.

“We had a great time for the first time,” said Jessica Meyerhoff of Carquest. “Most people came from the picturesque area and from Mesquite. But we even had a couple come down from St. George’s.

The weather was perfect for a classic car cruise. People entered the Carquest car park with their colorful hot dogs, rats, muscle cars and more.

There was plenty of coffee for the morning crowd. And the donuts from the Hole Foods bakery in Mesquite were provided by the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce.

Later in the day, the store hosted an open-air event that included live broadcasts from St. George’s radio stations KUTQ Coyote Country radio on FM 102.3 and ZION-FM Classic Rock on 104.1.

Throughout the afternoon, the store prepared hot dogs for visitors to open doors.
“We had a lot of people who showed up at the open house,” Mayerhoff said. “Many locals from here in Beaver Dam and Scenic. Everyone is just excited that the store is here. ”

As a new Carquest store, the location of Desert Springs is well stocked with many items that are hard to find nowadays, given the current supply problems, Mayerhoff said.
“For example, I guess it’s really hard to get motor oil these days,” Meyerhoff said. “We are lucky to have a good inventory of it. The same goes for many other automotive items. ”

Mayerhoff said she was happy with the activities during the day. She looks forward to hosting the next Cars and Coffee event later this month on Saturday, May 28, starting at 8am.
“Everyone is welcome!” Said Mayerhoff. “We are just excited to be open and informed that we are here in business and eager to serve the community.”

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