Vandals strike South Lexington cars

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (LEX 18) – Lexington police are investigating at least three reports of vandalism in the area near Sundart Drive.

Karen Markham first noticed a breakdown in her car on Monday morning.

“I went out to work around 6:30 in the morning. I saw a small rock behind my car and I thought maybe someone kicked it aside and I’m going to pick it up and move it,” she said. “I saw a gleam in the corner of my eye and looked up and saw a large stone at the back of my window.”

The rock shattered in the rear window of her car and damaged parts inside. She said she estimated the damage at about $ 1,800. At around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, she and her boyfriend heard noise outside again.

“He’s looking outside and has a few small children on the street, near our mailbox, which goes down the street,” Markham said. “Suddenly we hear a crash and the three of them start running.”

When they went outside to see what had happened, they found their neighbor’s car with a broken window. Lamar Adams owns the SUV and said he estimates the damage at about $ 1,100.

Adams and Markham had messages about their parents.

“Make sure you know where your kids are! Even in the middle of the night at 3:00 in the morning!” Said Markham.

Lexington police said they had found video from the bell’s camera that could help them uncover the crimes. They asked people living in the area to look at their cameras to see if they could have shot other videos that might help.