Top 5 fastest cars (August 2022)

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GTA Online players have been wondering which is the fastest since the Criminal Enterprises update added a number of new cars. The best and fastest vehicle currently available is the HSW car, while more are expected to be released in the future. One of Rockstar’s games, GTA 5, continues to be played even eight years after its release.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode is undeniably fantastic, of course. However, GTA Online, the popular online version of the game, is what keeps it alive. So here are our Top 5 Fastest Fully Upgraded Cars in August 2022. Enjoy!

GTA 5 Online fastest cars in Criminal Enterprise DLC

Nowadays, people just enjoy driving around the city with high speed supercars in GTA Online and even in GTA 5. Despite the many options, it can be difficult to find the fastest vehicles in GTA 5.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the fastest drag racing vehicle in GTA 5. For example, the overall performance of the car is also affected by control in addition to acceleration.

#5 – Bravado Greenwood

  • Bravado Greenwood in GTA Online is Top 5 fastest car in Criminal Enterprise DLC. At 118 mph, it actually performs pretty decently and ranks 11th among muscle cars.
Image courtesy of Digital Car Addict via YouTube

    • LOCATION: South San Andreas Super Cars
    • VEHICLE TYPE: Muscle
    • MAXIMUM SPEED: 118.0 MPH (190.0 km/h)
    • PRICE OF THE CAR: $1,465,000 ($1,098,750 trade)

#4 – Benefactor LM87

  • lm87 in GTA Online is fourth and has a fairly average top speed of 128.5 mph. Although the top speed of a supercar is to be expected, this vehicle is the best in the class of Le Mans prototypes.
  • It’s also roughly 5 mph faster than the s80rr and re7b, making it a respectable performance for the lm87.
Image courtesy of Digital Car Addict via YouTube

    • LOCATION: Legendary motorsport
    • VEHICLE TYPE: Great
    • MAXIMUM SPEED: 128.5 MPH (206.8 km/h)
    • PRICE OF THE CAR: $2,915,000

#3 – Pegassi Torero XO

  • With a top speed exactly equal to that of the banshee 900r—131 mph—the Torero XO is just ahead of it, but moves into the banshee’s place due to its superior track performance.
  • Banshee is not very effective on tracks. This is about the top speed that conventional cars can reach without hsw, so 131 mph is a really good top speed. This is an extremely fun vehicle to race.
Image courtesy of Digital Car Addict via YouTube

  • LOCATION: Legendary motorsport
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 131 MPH (210.8 km/h)
  • PRICE OF THE CAR: $2,890,000

#2 – Lampadati Corsita

  • Corsita finished second in the DLC with a speed of 211.3 km/h (131.3 mph). Faster than the Torero by a quarter mile per hour. That’s pretty impressive for a Corsita and some clips show where it suffers in terms of lap times.
  • This is still a very acceptable top speed for a typical sports car, although it is about 5 mph slower than the Pariah and about 25 mph slower than some hsw sports cars.
Image courtesy of Digital Car Addict via YouTube

    • LOCATION: Legendary motorsport
    • VEHICLE TYPE: Sports
    • MAXIMUM SPEED: 131.3 MPH (211.3 km/h)
    • PRICE OF THE CAR: $1,795,000

#1 – Benefactor Stirling GT – HSW Upgrade (Next Gen Console)

  • The HSW Sterling GT is the most popular vehicle from this DLC, as probably expected. The Sterling GT’s top speed has been increased to 156.8 mph thanks to the hsw upgrade. This is a top speed that is 5 mph faster than the hsw Turismo classic.
  • The Sterling GT’s low top speed – just 112mph for the vintage car – has always been a sore point. Its disappointing top speed kept it forever behind the top tier of racing classics, despite its excellent grip and other solid characteristics around the track.
Image courtesy of Digital Car Addict via YouTube

  • Now that the hsw improvements have been made, it competes favorably in races with the HSW Turismo classic and is even faster overall. Its top speed of over 157 mph makes it the fastest vehicle in the entire game.
  • Beating the S95’s previous record by just 2 mph. Comparable to hsw Hakuchou drag in speed only 3 quarters of a mile. Here’s how fast it is at top speed. Absolutely amazing for a Stirling GT really.
    • LOCATION: Legendary motorsport
    • VEHICLE TYPE: Sports classic
    • MAXIMUM SPEED: 156.8 MPH (252.3 km/h)
    • PRICE OF THE CAR: $975,000

About HSW in GTA 5

The next-gen edition of GTA Online is now available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, delivering 4K quality, smooth 60 FPS and faster loading times. But that’s not all – next-gen players can now equip their vehicles with the latest Hao’s Special Works or HSW upgrades. Here’s a rundown on Hao’s special jobs, such as how to unlock them.

How to unlock HSW

  • When you switch your GTA Online character to a next-gen version, the game will send you to Hao, who will invite you to come and get one of his modified vehicles.
  • All you have to do is follow the marker to his garage in Vinewood, where you’ll have to complete a time trial. Don’t panic; just take your time and complete the trial within the allotted eight minutes. You should do it with a few minutes to spare.
Image courtesy of Advocate via YouTube

NOTE: HSW upgrades will basically improve the performance of your cars.

  • LS Car Meet is home to the unique automotive workshop known as Hao’s Special Works (HSW). The moment a Grand Theft Auto Online player receives a call from Hao, they can gain access to him.
  • You should be aware that the host may disable HSW upgrades during competitions.
    • In this case, a player who is not paying attention would be driving a car that is moving much slower.
    • For example, according to Broughy1322’s data, the Stirling GT ranks 22nd in the sports classic car class for top speed without the HSW upgrades.
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SOURCES: Brogues1322

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