The coolest cars that can do 200mph

In the highly unlikely possibility that she has pushed this idea through Parliament, the thought of flimsy supercars or elephantine SUVs charging at breakneck speeds – potentially up to 200mph – in the outer lane of the M1 is unthinkable. Especially in this age of low emissions and high fuel costs and safety concerns.

However, being able to travel at speeds well above 200 miles per hour was something of an impossibility even 36 years ago, because at that time no road-legal car could yet reach or exceed such a remarkable speed.

There have been various overly ambitious claims over the years: the specially prepared 1969 Hemi V8 Dodge Charger Daytona (which hit 200.447 mph in 1970 driven by Buddy Baker), or the 1980 Aston Martin Bulldog concept car (which has yet to pass the magical 200 mph barrier, despite various attempts). The Lamborghini Countach came close in 1974, reaching a top speed of 296 mph, but until 1987 no truly “true” road-going production car could exceed 200 mph.