Tesla cloud profiles allow you to keep your settings across multiple cars

Tesla software update 2022.24.5 is rolling out and comes with a new feature called Tesla Profiles, allowing users to save their settings to the cloud.

The feature was a long time in the making. It was promised by CEO Elon Musk in November 2021 and seen for the first time this Julybut now it is actually widely supplied, Electrek reported on Tuesday.

Tesla Profiles allow users to save their settings in the cloud and activate them across multiple cars. According to Tesla’s release notes, these settings include seat, mirror and steering wheel settings, Autopilot, driving and climate control preferences, and navigation, media and data sharing preferences.

This means you’ll be able to rent a Tesla and have it automatically set up to your preferences. And if you change a setting in one car, it will carry over to other cars you own or use.

Tesla profiles are set up from the driver profile settings and you can change your profile picture from the Tesla mobile app.


Steam games are coming soon to Tesla cars

Other new features in this update include the ability to adjust the placement of your camera’s blind spot view on the display, as well as the ability to disable sounds in Sentry mode (while keeping mobile app notifications on).

Another interesting new feature is the ability to uninstall games from your car’s computer. Tesla comes with a set of pre-installed games and by uninstalling them you can free up storage space on your Tesla’s computer. Musk recently promised that Steam games are coming to Tesla cars, and this new feature could be a precursor to that update.