Some car dealerships having tough time getting brand new cars on the lot

Car batches may have vehicles, but several dealerships do not receive newer models

STARKVILLE, Miss (WCBI) – The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark in several sectors and while some are back on their feet; others still strike in one form or another.

Car batches may have vehicles, but several dealerships do not receive newer models. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has played a role in extending the waiting time for these new vehicles to be launched on the plot.

“What COVID did was close a microchip factory in China that stopped it, and it was closed here again recently with another outbreak of covid, but at the end of the day, what it did was change the industry into a first-order industry. , ”Said Cannon Ford general manager Starkville Chris Keane.

Keane said that even people who have pre-ordered do not receive the new one.

“The manufacturer has taken on so many orders here recently that banks have had to close for orders. Now you can’t even order 2022 for any of our models, so now we had to make a waiting list for our 2023 models, “said Keane.

All Cannon Fords were used, and Keane said prices had risen since the pandemic.

People who want specific brands, models and colors for a car are encouraged to find what they want and order it now; the same goes for truck drivers.

“If you want a commercial truck currently 250 or 350 higher, it will be next February or March before you get one. Banks for orders do not even open until October, so individuals, as well as traders, must plan at least a year. One year for commercial trucks and at least six to eight months for your regular car, ”said Keane.

Keene encouraged customers to be patient because no one knows when things will get back on track.

“We just have to do it day after day and all we can say to the client is what we know today, it may be different tomorrow, but it’s out of our control, we can’t control what we can’t control so we’re just doing what we can do, “Keane said.

Keane said that if someone wants to get a new vehicle; even if you order it right now, it can take up to six months before it enters the dealer.