Several Cars Stuck On The Turner Turnpike During Active Shooter Situation

Several cars were stuck on the Turner Turnpike during this active shooting situation. They said they were not sure why the traffic stopped until they heard gunshots.

Troops, officers and deputies responded to a situation with an active shooter suspected of armed robbery in Sedona, Arizona.

“I guess the perpetrator’s car went over my shoulder, making 100. He blew past me. That scared the crap out of me, “said Rodney Dixon.

Police said the suspect shot through the back window several times, hitting the soldiers’ windshield, leaving bullets in his car.

“It can be very dangerous when you have someone shooting from a moving vehicle and there are other cars on the road and we are very happy that no citizen was injured during this persecution,” Capt. said Valerie Littlejohn.

“I just do not understand what such a person thinks. We are now in opposition forever. “It’s as if there won’t be a good result,” Dixon said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol advised people close to the scene to move to a safer place.

“Many officers took these people out of their vehicles and moved them out of their vehicles on hills and things like that,” said soldier Eric Foster.

The turnoff was closed for hours and armored vehicles were also used to block cars from the collision.

Officials told News 9 that the suspect was shot and killed after returning fire on law enforcement and no other injuries.

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