Salimur Tire Inflator for cars is small and dependable

The Salimur car tire inflator is small and reliable.

Today’s gadget started out as a simple problem: the front tire was several kilos low on pressure. I once had a homemade tire inflator, but it was slow to do the job and eventually failed completely. No problem.

There are many of them at gas stations and convenience stores that work with a handful of coins and/or a credit card. The problem: finding one that works. Obstacles sample: The coin slot was jammed. Credit card reader not working. The air cartridge was missing. The tire pressure gauge built into the machine gave an incorrect reading.

There must be one working somewhere, but I decided it was time to have a little home helper again. The new models provide a different experience than yesterday. The one I bought was quieter – although they still make noise that the neighbors will hear. But they do the job in a little less time.