SAIPA auto making group apologizes to customers for delay in TIBA cars delivery

SAIPA Auto Making Group of Companies Deputy CEO for Quality Control (QC) Farzad Ghazaei has apologized to customers for the delay that erupted in the delivery of Model TIBA and TIBA 2 cars, the company’s public relations department said.

Giving reasons for the delivery of the manufactured cars, the TIBA and TIBA 2 model cars, he said that the delay has erupted to promote the quality of the cars produced by this car manufacturing group to win the satisfaction of its customers.

Promoting the quality of manufactured cars, achieving customer satisfaction and gaining the necessary licenses have led to delays in the delivery of cars on schedule, the Deputy CEO of SAIPA Auto Making Group stressed.

He also said that these measures are set to increase the quality of cars, the implementation of which is underway.

The new policies of SAIPA Auto Making Group were compiled in February 2022 with infrastructural changes in the concepts of achieving customer satisfaction and product quality, based on which, improving the quality of current products and removing defects reported by customers, as well as replacing products with new design instead of old cars is a priority.

In addition to investing in the equipment of production lines of car manufacturers and parts manufacturers, the transfer of technical know-how and knowledge of the world’s best car manufacturers is placed at the top of the agenda of the SAIPA Auto Making Group of Companies., he emphasized.

While apologizing to its customers for the delay in the delivery of its TIBA and TIBA 1 model cars, Ghazaei hopes that with the drastic measures taken in the company in cooperation and interaction with supervisory organizations, the problem it is facing company, will be settled in the coming days.

SAIPA Auto Making Group is committed to handling and correcting all defects reported by its valued customers using its widespread network of after sales services at SAIPA YADAK Company, benefited by expert engineers and technicians of SAIPA’s EMDAD KHODRO Company in the shortest possible time, he added.