Rising Car Prices Drives More People To Keep Their Older Vehicles – CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Just like gasoline, car prices are breaking records and making more people keep their older vehicles.

Many cars on the road are now more than a decade old. Linda Burns’ Volkswagen Beetle is around the neighborhood.

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“It’s 22 years old,” she said of her beetle.

And it looks like she’ll be behind the wheel a little longer.

“I would like to have a new car, but the price of cars these days is prohibitive,” Burns said.

She is not alone. A new national survey shows for the first time that the average age of vehicles on the road is already over 12 years.

“Cars and parts are hard to find,” said Spencer Harris, a mechanic at Frank’s Automotive.

The shortage of the supply chain and the slowdown in production create a limited supply of new cars – and make used cars more expensive. Local mechanics say they are seeing a huge increase in customers trying to keep their mess.

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“Sometimes people look for a new car, go out there and get frustrated and come back right away,” Harris said.

So what do people need to do to keep their old cars working?

“Maintenance is key,” Harris said. “A small leak can cause a serious problem.”

Mechanics recommend changing the oil and fluids regularly, without neglecting the engine’s inspection lamps when lit, and keeping the gas tank at least a quarter full to keep the fuel pump cool.

“It’s just like your body,” Harris said. “Maintain your body, maintain your car, it will work better and last longer.”

More and more drivers are pushing the pedals of old cars. This is a trend that may continue until there is a change in record car prices.

“As long as they keep running, this is where I’m going to do it,” Burns said.

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The average price for a new car is now more than $ 46,000 – more than $ 5,000 compared to the same time last year.