Ridge Racer 7 Car Customization

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Ridge Racer Slipstream represents the newest installment in the franchise from Namco Bandai, and, as can be inferred from it’s title, will have a heavy emphasis on slipstreaming. Slipstreaming is a ra…

From Rage Racer onwards, the Ridge Racer series allows the player to customize their cars.On most installments, customizations are limited to visual aspects, but in Rage Racer and Ridge Racer 7, player may alter the car’s performance.

Ridge Racer 7 is the latest console main-series installment of the Ridge Racer series, which is a series of fictional race cars.Only released on Playstation 3, the game has around 40 cars, many which return from the previous incarnations of Ridge Racer 6, Ridge Racer (PSP), and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP).The game was first revealed at 2006 E3.

Aside from this small "lost-in-translation" problem, you’ll be enjoying the customization that Ridge Racer 7 has to offer. There’s a lot of stuff to unlock, car parts, tracks, spoilers and all the …


Ridge Racer 7 [Let's Play/Walkthrough]: Ridge State Grand Prix (Part 2) Ridge Racer 7 is the seventh console installment in the Ridge Racer series of racing games, released on PlayStation 3. … New features in this iteration include car body and engine customization which can affect the performance, handling and nitrous boost system of the car.

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Ridge Racer 7 producer decided to reveal some … will be available in the game will be also played in reverse and the cars will also have a nitrous system and a somewhat impressive customization opti…