Oswego Village Board approves the purchase of three police squad cars, equipment at a cost of $200,730 – Shaw Local

The Oswego Village Board approved the purchase of three new patrol cars for the police department at a Sept. 19 meeting.

The board voted unanimously to authorize the purchase of three Ford Utility Interceptor vehicles and equipment from Morrow Brothers Ford for $200,730.

Deputy Chief Kevin Norwood explained the department’s need to purchase the vehicles during the board’s committee meeting, which precedes the regular board meeting.

Norwood said the four police cars previously ordered by the department in March have not been delivered, and his agency said the outcome of that order will be unclear until October.

“There is a chance that the 2022 order will be canceled entirely,” Norwood said.

Norwood said that with the status of those four vehicles up in the air, he reached out to other dealers to try to secure police cars in the interim.

Norwood informed the board that the department has an opportunity to purchase three additional vehicles from Morrow Brothers that will arrive in January 2023 if they submit the order by Wednesday, September 21.

Village Trustee Jennifer Jones Sinnott asked when the vehicles would realistically be on the road if delivered in January.

Norwood said with the equipment in place, they will likely be ready for duty within two to three months of their arrival.

Village Trustee Terry Olson said he would like the department to seek an additional bid on the equipment and consider purchasing an additional vehicle while funds are available.

“I would recommend you buy at least one, if not two more,” Olson said, “while you have the opportunity and availability.”

Norwood recommended buying just three vehicles and reviewing additional purchases at a later date.

Village President Troy Parlier compared the vehicle order to an insurance policy because the police cars currently in use are not in bad shape.

Parlier said at best the department would get new vehicles a year early, and at worst it would have to keep trying to purchase vehicles in future years.

Funding for the vehicles and equipment will come from the 2024 budget.