Minn. Appeals Court hears arguments on lawsuit against Walz administration’s “Clean Cars” rules | The Mighty 790 KFGO

ST.PAUL – The Minnesota Court of Appeals heard arguments Thursday in a legal challenge to the Walz administration’s “clean car” rules, which are modeled after California standards to increase the number of electric vehicles in the state. The Minnesota Auto Dealers Association is suing.

Association president Scott Lambert says they’re not opposed to electric vehicles and dealers are gearing up for them, but the delivery mandate is the other way around.

He says that under the rules, Minnesota will have to keep piling more and more electric cars on dealer lots, “whether there are customers for those vehicles or not.”

Walz administration officials say Minnesota must do its part to stop global warming. The plan requires manufacturers and dealers to supply more electric vehicles to the Minnesota market and will go into effect in 2024 with the 2025 model year.