LETTER: Wait on welcoming electric cars | Letters to the Editor

The April 3 editorial on welcoming electric cars ignores the fact that we are not ready to switch to electric cars.

There were recent outages in California, and citizens were told not to charge their cars. This is funny! Electric cars may be a future option, but ignoring the fact that there is still no infrastructure to support their significant use is intellectually unfair.

The writer says to imagine driving past gas stations … yes, imagine driving past a gas station after driving only 200 or more miles with your electric car and waiting in line to charge your car for 30 minutes for the next stage of your journey. And when the battery is exhausted, what happens? Disposal is dangerous for the environment.

Much needs to be done to create the necessary infrastructure to maintain electric vehicles. As this infrastructure is being built, we need to focus on the use of natural gas and oil in our own country to support countless industries and citizens who are not ready for electricity. However, the current administration prefers to buy oil from Iran and Russia than to use the abundant supplies we have here.

President Joe Biden has shown that he is indebted to the far left of his party by putting our national security and economy at risk because of a poorly designed climate program. These decisions hurt everyone, from industries to low-income families. His offline administration is likely to pay a heavy price in November.