Hybrid cars make more sense – The Ukiah Daily Journal

To the editor:

I am for less pollution. But I prefer hybrid technology. I like the idea of ​​adding solar panels … to hybrid cars. I can’t imagine millions of plugs…. All over California? millions! It does not look environmentally friendly. I don’t see the time spent waiting for charging as practical for everyone. If there is a power outage … sometimes for long periods, which happens, where is the backup maintenance of the car?

I believe that most people are intelligent and can make the best choices for themselves. I believe that hybrid technology is great. And it should be used … along with solar panels on cars added. And it would be good not to throw away all the good cars that are still in use. A company that can reduce carbon emissions by repairing and modifying old vehicles, creating alternatives, would really use cars for the rest of their lives. This would help all people. Poverty exists. Help the average car owner to be proactive to make his car more ground-friendly. Then you will help the earth. Not just corporate pocket books.

“Catherine Leir, Yukaya.”