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Car audio capacitors are one of the most commonly misunderstood car audio components, but they actually aren’t that complicated. At a basic level, a capacitor is just an electronic component that can be used to store energy, sort of like a battery.

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Many car audio fanatics will use a power capacitor as an alleged secondary, passive storage device to supply current to their amplifiers. The capacitor is advertised to act as a supplemental power supply between your car’s electrical and audio system.

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Topic: Car Audio Capacitors How to charge a Capacitor The capacitor or cap is one of the most overlooked accessories in car audio. They can help make the difference in about any size stereo system regardless of the total wattage.

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A car audio capacitor is an electronic component that can store, and discharge electrical energy very quickly. Car audio capacitors are used to filter or buffer any sudden fluctuations in a circuit’s voltage, smoothing the ensuing signal.

Mazda’s system works toward the same goal: converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity as it decelerates; the stored energy is used to power the climate control, audio system … to …

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It can be upsetting to know you just put a bunch of your hard-earned money into a new car stereo … to come to you and install the capacitor. This article originally appeared on as …

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