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Former Livonia auto parts store could become car wash

This former Napa auto parts store could be demolished to make way for a new car wash on Farmington Road south of Eight Mile in Livonia.

Drivers may have a new option to get their car cleaned in the north end of Livonia in the coming months.

Plans are moving through Livonia City Hall to build a new car wash at the former Napa Auto Parts store on Farmington Road just south of Eight Mile. The new car wash will have several tail lanes and will offer vacuum cleaners to clean the interior of cars as well.

Napa Auto Parts recently moved to a new space along Seven Mile, and its building at the previous location will be demolished to make way for a brand new car wash. Both driveways will remain, with one being a two-way driveway and the other being the exit to the car wash once cars drive through.

The plans were reviewed during the city’s regular Nov. 15 planning commission meeting. There, commissioners reviewed the plans after they were first reviewed during a previous exploratory meeting. Some changes include some site landscaping features,

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