Cops Go Drag Racing, Challenge Fast Cars to Quarter Mile Duels

I bet you haven’t seen that many police cars going up against different strike vehicles in a quarter mile, have you? Well, unless we’re talking about legitimate races, then the answer to that question is obviously no.

As for the video you will watch at the bottom of the page, it was filmed in a legal environment. The “when” part is unknown since the clip features several different races, but we do know where it happened, and it’s Bandimere Speedway in Colorado.

Most of the patrol vehicles pictured in the video below have absolutely no chance of catching bad guys in a straight line on their own, as they are dead slow compared to full exotics and high-end muscle cars. However, there are some that can run the quarter mile a little faster than expected, and these are no ordinary Ford Explorers or Dodge Chargers.

Yes, we’re talking about that old timer shown at 2:43 who looks ready to challenge just about anything in a quarter mile duel. In this race, he went up against a Nissan GT-R, beating it by 11.472 seconds at 115.20 mph (185.40 km/h). Godzilla was about three seconds slower and had a top speed of only 83 mph (134 kmph).

Staged or not, this drag race wasn’t the only exciting one as the video, which is just a click away, also shows various battles between different police cars and fast vehicles. So we recommend you take a short break from what you’re doing and hit the play button, because it’s not every day you see vehicles like this crashing into each other. Oh, and once you’re done watching it, you should hit the comment section and tell us which one was your favorite. To this writer it was apparently the one mentioned in the above paragraph.