Bugatti Committed To Exclusive Cars In The New Rimac Era

Rumors of a second Bugatti model have been swirling around the internet for years, and senior officials have acknowledged the possibility of a product unrelated to the Chiron. However, the people at Molsheim are concerned that a car with a larger volume would spoil the brand’s image, which is why there will be no SUV for the next 10 years. That being said, the successor to the W16 hypercar could still be joined by another vehicle.

In an interview with A car, design director Achim Anscheid explained that a more volume-oriented product would have to stay true to Ettore’s ethos of making special cars. Of course, there’s always the risk that customers who can afford the Chiron or one of its more expensive derivatives will criticize Bugatti for selling out in pursuit of volume and profit. Anscheidt assures that exclusivity will prevail in the new era of Bugatti Rimac.

“We’ve always had an idea of ​​what a second model line could be. But then we were too [thinking] at some point do you start selling off the brand? What do you do with that valuable logo? Would such a step be too brutal, selling this logo for some figures?”

Anscheidt isn’t against the idea of ​​a more usable Bugatti, but stresses that there needs to be a balance, making the traditional hypercar even rarer:

“If someone does [bring out an every day/second model]I’m always a big fan of balancing that, not forgetting the roots of the company or yes [create] something more exclusive. That means if you go into a little bit more volume, you have to go more exclusive on the other side, so that remains the core product and balances that out.”

Meanwhile, Bugatti has a lot going for it, having long ago sold all 99 Mistral roadsters and 40 Bolide track cars. The “regular” Chiron is also sold out, so the next few years will be about finalizing production of the four-turbo, 8.0-liter machines. The hypercar replacement will lose the W16 in favor of a smaller engine as part of a hybrid drivetrain.

Whether it has anything to do with Lamborghini’s recently announced twin-turbo V8 hybrid or the naturally aspirated V12 in the works for the Aventador replacement remains to be seen.