2 Toyota New Cars Make the Best Under $30,000 List Recommended by Consumer Reports

Toyota is a popular car manufacturer that makes a lot of great cars, and some of Toyota’s the best models are sedans. On top of that, because Toyota makes cars that the average person can afford, the Japanese automaker has a lot of great sedans under $30,000. In fact, Toyota is responsible for producing two of the the best sedans under $30,000.

1. The 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the best new small car

Toyota logo, maker of new Toyota cars.
Toyota Logo | Kiyoshi Ota via Getty Images

User reports say the best new small car is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid. The main reason the Corolla Hybrid made the list is because it made improvements to the regular Corolla, which is also an excellent small car. The Corolla Hybrid’s main improvement over the regular version comes from its superior fuel economy.